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La Cúa Birding tours was created by Iván Mota and Ana Cordero, born from their passion for adventure, nature, photography, conservation and the Dominican Republic.

La Cúa is the local name of the Hispaniolan endemic Bay-breasted Cuckoo (Cozzysus rufigularis).

This species is endangered and has restricted distribution, and it's Iván's favorite endemic.

La Cúa Tours  are designed to guide small groups to the most beautiful regions of the island. The varied terrain, rich biodiversity, and one of the highest bird endemism of the Caribbean, allows guests to experience

phenomenal birding from sea level up to 2,250m. 

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Iván Mota

 A trained artist, Iván is the expert of the team. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the International Fine Arts  College of Miami, Florida, and spent several years as a graphic designer in the advertising industry in the Dominican Republic before deciding to purse another lifelong passion: Biology.  

 After rediscovering his childhood love of birding, he never looked back. Since 2009, Iván has served as the lead guide for many birding tour companies serving the Dominican Republic today. In 2011, he was elected to participate in “Project Puffin Sea Bird Restoration Program” in the state of Maine. (The National Audubon Society started Project Puffin in 1973 in an effort to learn how to restore puffins to historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine).

He continues to collaborate locally in ongoing conservation projects. In his work for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in the Dominican Republic, Iván lead several conservation projects for pelagic and endemic species of the island. His work allows him to combine his love of drawing, photography and biology.

From his years of fieldwork, Iván knows the Dominican Republic intimately. He has a clear understanding of the bird species found on the island, their habitat preference, and seasonality. Additionally, he has vast knowledge of bird calls allows for fast localization and identification of targeted species.   

Ana Cordero

An avid traveler, Ana understands the need to travel across the world to check items off a bucket list. Ana focuses on La Cúa's business operations and scheduling. She graduated with Sociology and Economics degree from Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) and spent several years at a mayor transportation and logistics company in Fort Worth, Texas. While in TX she pursued her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Texas Christian University.

Ana uses her business and logistics acumen to support La Cúa's tours and compliment her love for Photography and nature with

a new found passion in birding.

Both Ana and Iván are natives of the DR and love to share the biodiversity that their county provides. They are married and live in Colorado, US, with their 10 year old daughter. Ana also has an 21 year old daughter who is currently studying Animation at SCAD, Savannah, Georgia.

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